Posted by: Ele Quigan | May 8, 2010

‘The Messenger’ Markus Zusak

After absolutely adoring ‘The Book Thief’ I decided to give Markus Zusak’s other book a go.  Nowhere near as intense, this book is set in in Australia, and centres around one guy (who I am tempted to say is a bit of a ‘deadbeat’)…

The storyline is intruiging (and I forget, it is a novel for teenagers rather than adults really) and while it’s not as unpredictable as it might have been if it was set more for adults, it still pulls you along the same journey, feeling for the characters and it moves through at a fairly speedy pace.

Not as dark as I expected it to be after reading most of it, (again, this could be the young adultyness of it) it still has a sense of loneliness and desire held within it that I couldn’t quite pinpoint.  The way we sometimes feel lonely even amongst our best friends, or the way we keep on desiring things that we can’t have, and possibly will never have (Javier Bardem and Prada handbag I’m looking in your direction…).

The most interesting character in the book I found was The Doorman – a horrendously smelly, coffee drinking dog, treated with such love that can only be found in that special relationship between pet and owner.

It’s short and sweet, original in context, with subject content that can be tough at times, all in all an interesting and thought provoking read.  If I had to rate it without giving away any of the actual contents of the novel – i’d say about a 6 out of 10?  Don’t get me wrong, it is a good novel, but perhaps it is overshadowed in my head after the incredibleness (who says you can’t make up words in a blog…) of ‘The book thief’.


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