Posted by: Ele Quigan | May 12, 2010

Ogia, Zinfandel Rose, Puglia Italy 2008

There are those days where you’ve worked late, can’t be bothered going out for a drink or facing the supermarket – the nights you’re reduced to takeaways or microwaved food, plus some crappy bottle you pick up from the teeny Tesco across from work.

I’m working on a pitch at the moment, so it’s been a week of 9pmers, so you can imagine the desperate need I have had for a glass of wine, a decent meal and some me time.

This evening I surprised myself by resisting the GU puds in the aisle – only to be drawn to the wine in the fridge.  Surely never a good thing in Tesco (except when they have Tattinger on special for £24 – which they do quite often).

So what is it?  I could say strawberry fluff water, I could say it’s unbalanced, too much residual sugar, and the flavour profile doesn’t even respect the grape it’s come from – but to be honest, it’s fine for the current time.

I’m not trying to share it with friends, I’m not trying to savour every last mouthful because it’s amazing, I’m not trying to match it with food.  All I wanted was an easy drinking cold something – that wasn’t going to taste as crap as some of the cheaper whites do…

I often excuse a bad rose far more than a bad white or red, it’s almost like it’s style engenders to me to be more forgiving.  Or pitying, I can’t quite work out which.  “Oh rose, you don’t intend to be this bad, it’s okay”.  “It’s okay rose, you’re such a confused drink anyway – Are you a white? are you a red?  you don’t even know yourself?”.  “oh *insert stupid babytalk*”.

Actually.. . On second glass, it’s leaving a TERRIBLE after taste.  No pity for you Rose, I should learn not to pay £9 for stuff that will constantly disappoint.  Seriously it’s worth buying from a proper wine store and not being stuff with this sh*t.

Even if you are desperate.

And if it’s late and you’re begging for something – beer or vodka-soda instead.

Though ashamedly – I have now included a tag where I can place all of these godforsaken cheap wines, I might even make it my mission to buy 4 bottles of wine and spend less than £10 and see how that goes.   (And it scares me a little that when googling ‘shit wine’ an article about Beaujolais comes up)


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