Posted by: Ele Quigan | May 28, 2010

Reviewed: Sex and the City 2

To be honest, I was never a fan of Sex and the City. The idea of 4 (crazy) women living crazy lives in crazy New York, with crazy love lives and crazy outfits never really interested me.

I’m not sure if it was the overall vacuousness of it (I pride myself on having a little more depth than your average joanne bloggs), or the idea that the important things in life were reduced to a consumption focussed clothes/shoes/drinks lifestyle. I always felt the real issues were glossed over in a sea of Manolos – leaving a show that friends of mine have called ‘witty’, ‘omgfunny’, ‘all about girl power’ just something I never got into.

So as it happens this story/lifestyle/fashionconcept has been made into a film. Twice. Of course, to have missed that you would have had to be living under a rock, as all over London (and probably everywhere else) has been nothing but ads for it, and articles about the many tie-ins “it was filmed in Morocco”. “The shoes are now Louboutins”. “The laptop has changed from Mac to PC, what a sellout” And links to pictures of the red carpet premieres YAWN…

So it has been almost uplifting to my relatively cynical nature, to see the amount of 1 star reviews spreading across the internet about this waste of 2 ½ hours. The comments are more witty and hilarious than it sounds like the film was… A few favourites below.

The Independent – “Please don’t Carrie on with this rot”
“At this point I hoped that the sheikh would turn out to be Mazher Mahmood, who, hot from doing a number on the Duchess of York, would expose Carrie et al as the grabbiest bunch of spoilt freeloaders ever to holiday in the United Arab Emirates.”

The Guardian – “misjudged and incredibly boring sequel”
“Perhaps, with Sex and the City 4, we will be treated to a heart-rending Death of Spock-type scene, in which Samantha is fired out of a Manhattan penthouse window in a sparkly coffin, having first transferred her “katra” to a demure assistant.”

Roger Ebert – “Some of these people make my skin crawl”
“As we return to the trivialities of their lives for a sequel, marriage is the issue. The institution is affirmed in an opening sequence at a gay wedding in Connecticut that looks like a Fred Astaire production number gone horribly over budget.”

The Times – “The actresses have become parodies of their previous selves”
“sadly this sequel is not Sex and the City – it is Menopause in the Desert”

The New York Times – “Operation Desert Togs”
Your watch will tell you that a shade less than two and a half hours have elapsed, but you may be shocked at just how much older you feel when the whole thing is over.



  1. An even funnier review that a friend of mine just sent me…

    “If this is what modern womanhood means, then just fucking veil me and sew up all my holes”

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