Posted by: Ele Quigan | May 29, 2010

Reichsrat von Buhl, Riesling, Trocken 2008

I do like German Rieslings. They are interesting enough to provoke a response whenever I try them, and while young, they can till retain a longevity to drink years past their vintage date. It’s not like drinking glasses of gut wrenchingly acidic NZ Sauvignon Blanc, and it’s not uber complex like Burgundy, and goes well with heavily flavoured food.

Back on the “I’m too tired to cook/fetch wine but don’t dare you buy me wine from Tesco’s” wagon, I asked the lovely boyfriend to “pick up something nice” for a Friday night nearly-takeaway meal.

Meal = a bit spicy, with tomato, chorizo – it can be an annoying one to match, but the boyfriend came home with a fabulous German Riesling from one of our favourite local wine shops, The Bottle Apostle.

From the Pfalz region, which is basically next door to Alsace – the Reichsrat von Buhl had a relatively standard Riesling profile recognisable from the region. Limey, low alcohol (this was 11.5%) with a delicate richness that I really enjoy.

This wine specifically had okay length, while it felt slightly out of balance (more acidic than necessary, however that could be my sauvignon-sensitive palate) and was gently viscous as well, which I always like as it encourages a luscious mouthfeel that you’re more likely to savour, rather than rushing your glass.

Lots of granny smith apple as well as lime, which took a while to place – which could be part of the reason that it seemed a little more acidic than it should be (the apple flavour is the malic acid, usually entirely converted into a softer, buttery flavoured lactic acid during the malolactic fermentation process).

A bottle between two of us was definitely enough, unusually I wasn’t clamoring for another bottle to share (which is my usual ‘oh I enjoyed that so much I want something else’) but I did really enjoy it.

Definitely a wine to try again, might try it with a slightly different spice profile (ginger and chilli rather than smoked paprika) to see how it holds up.



  1. pitching this at a dinner for the first course (smoked salmon/crab dill sauce) this evening with Three Choirs Willow Brook and Chateau de la Moltroye (Chassagne Montrachet.

    Should be interesting

    • How did the wine pairing go? I see you were including an wine from Three Choirs Vineyard – I haven’t actually tried any British wines yet – I’ll have to find some, any recommendations?

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