Posted by: Ele Quigan | June 1, 2010

Erste & Neue, Südtirol-Alto Adige, Gewürtztraminer, 2008

I’ve always had a bit of a soft spot for a good Gewürztraminer. I enjoy its occasional richness, its viscosity, the strong aromas and flavours of lychee/turkish delight/orange blossom, and how it holds itself up against food.

I was buying a bottle of wine for a friend, and ever the fan of the self-present, I decided to pick this up as well (again from my friends at The Bottle Apostle).

It’s an italian Gewürz, a region I hadn’t tried before. Silly really as Gewürz originated from Italy, from an area called ‘Traminer’, however usually I’ve always stuck to Alsace and the antipodean regions to try this variety.

It was fairly golden in colour, and on first pour appeared far more viscous than it actually was. Wonderful, syrupy aromas of Turkish delight (which isn’t actually my favourite flavour profile, I far prefer the lychee ones…) with moderate length.

I’d paired it with a fresh pea (yes I even shelled them myself) and mint risotto, with seared salmon. It was incredible how the wine brought out the fresh herbs across the meal – particularly the fresh mint in the risotto. An old MW friend of mine Stephen Bennett taught me about the beauty of pairing wine with food and how flavours can sometimes surprise you many years ago, and I’m constantly awestruck when faced with it.

The wine experience was a good one, however it would be interesting to see what the wine is like after a couple of years in the cellar, however I’m sure it would never last long enough in my small wine rack for that!


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