Posted by: Ele Quigan | June 25, 2010

Taste London 2010

Taste London 2010 was last weekend – 4 hours with 3 friends trying amazing food from London restaurants, drinking several different wines from all over, and the occasional pint of beer and mojito in between.

I can’t remember how many plates of food I had in total – but the highlights were…

Tamarind/Imli Papdi chaat – Spiced chickpeas and whole wheat crisps with tamarind chutney, sweetened yoghurt and blueberries

Gaucho Bife de Chorizo – Argentine black angus sirloin, humitas and chimichurri

The Grill at the dorchester had lamb with slow-roast cherry tomatoes, baby shallots and shallot puree, however it was a little to small to really enjoy. Given that the status of the restaurant (and the minimal price we paid…) it was still gloriously delicious…

I tried some amazing Foie gras parfait from I can’t remember where, a lovely glass of Devaux champagne – I could have stayed for another 4 hours! There were a few desserts, lots of fish/scallops (I guess that’s easy to plate up in a hurry without too much wasteage?) Strawberries and champagne/clotted cream, different combinations were endless…

I did however get to try ‘Eton Mess’ which tasted similar to an unfrozen version of a semi-freddo I used to make (whipped cream, chopped up meringues, marshmallows, and berries – freeze for 6 hours/overnight, delicious!)

Props also go to ENZA (New Zealand’s apple and pear board) for sharing their new apple variety – ‘Jazz’. First crisp apple I have had since moving over here… Thanks guys – it was delicious!

We were also impressed with Dinings, we tried a plate of their chilli cod. We’re going to head there in the next couple of weeks to try out their sushi tapas.

More info on Taste London here, including participating restaurants and their menus



  1. Bif de Chorizo and the lamb from The Grill at Dorchester were definitely the meals of the day. The lamb serving was indeed a little small so top honours to Gaucho – delicious!

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