Posted by: Ele Quigan | June 27, 2010

‘Dead and Gone’ Charlaine Harris

Trashy vampire fiction that isn’t twilight? I love it. Not quite sure why – I hated Stephanie Meyers teen angst moral-ridden bollocks (and love that the fans are called twi-hards) but the True Blood Sookie Stackhouse series I just adore!

I usually read the books in one sitting, so perfect for killing a couple of hours in the park this afternoon which was drenched in gorgeous sunshine.

Plot? To be honest, there isn’t much of one. Vamps, Weres, Fae – they’re all in there. There’s a bit of sex, a bit of blood drinking, and really not much else. But a relaxing easy read it was, and I happily read the afternoon away.



  1. Have you read any of the Rachel Morgan series by Kim Harrison. SO not my kind of thing usually but OMG I borrowed the first one from the library to take away with me, and loved loved loved it!! 🙂

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