Posted by: Ele Quigan | July 3, 2010

‘Juliet, Naked’ Nick Hornby

I used to be a huge fan of Nick Hornby. ‘High fidelity’ is a book I loved so much I even have a first edition of it, ‘About a boy’ was an incredible, touching read – and the film was just as awesome.

I don’t know where things started to slide – ‘How to be good’ was a huge disappointment, however seeing that ‘Juliet, Naked’ was back into familiar Hornby territory of fanism (‘Fever Pitch’) and music (‘High fidelity’) I was looking forward to a great read.

Alas no.

I guess now he’s grown up. He’s middle aged, he’s had kids, he’s probably thinking that if he hadn’t done this or this or this or this that he would be better off. Or wondering what time he’s wasted during his life or even what to do with what’s left.

Kierkegaard’s Narrative again, however this time with characters that by the end I well and truly loathed. The main plot premise of living in a small seaside town in England and suddenly feeling like you’d wasted the last 15 years cohabiting with someone just didn’t feel right for some reason.

The characters felt unrealistic, shallow – particularly the rock star turned recluse.

I did find the fanism elements interesting and kinda funny, but the rest just seemed to fall flat. There wasn’t any sense of trueism that I have felt in reading a couple of his other books. Really disappointed, and it will take a bit for me to pick up a new book if he writes one, however will still always go back to ‘High Fidelity’ if I need a bit of a laugh and a good dose of happy ending.



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