Posted by: Ele Quigan | August 11, 2010

‘Imperial Bedrooms’ Bret Easton Ellis

Imperial bedrooms is a sequel the most disturbing book I have ever read – ‘Less than Zero’. I picked up ‘Imperial Bedrooms’ (a birthday present from my lovely boyfriend) with some trepidation during on of my many slightly insomniac nights – looking for something that would make me put it down and to sleep…

About an hour later I’d finished it, disappointed.

There isn’t the darkness, the inherent horror at the apathy of the characters that I remember. There is just a middle aged man looking at the people from his past, seeing who has moved on, who is just the same – written in a similar way to Lunar Park and Glamorama…

There are elements of plot within a plot within a plot that is a familiar theme throughout all his later books, where you almost feel like there is something that you’re trying to grasp at but somehow just out of reach of it. I’m also wondering if the apathy was there – but I have changed so much over the last few years that it’s just not as stark to me that people don’t care anymore.

I definitely wished for more, I think his books have definitely gone downhill – to the point where I wasn’t even surprised at the end. I think with fame, and getting older, the impact of his own life within his books is lessening. He needs to find something new to write about!

Very much disappointed, this has definitely gone into the craaaaaaaap pile.


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