Posted by: Ele Quigan | September 4, 2010

Dan Brown tops Oxfam least wanted list…

I still haven’t read ‘The lost symbol’ but when the book was selling for £5 on release at Tesco and is now £3 on Amazon, I am not surprised…

Some of my favourite quotes from the article commentary:

I work at an Oxfam bookstore and there was a point when we were going to build a house out of the copies we had in the stockroom. It would have been as flimsy as his plots.

I never thought I’d be pleased to see Stephenie Meyer selling well, but since it’s at charity shops, things are different. If people are buying her books second-hand, that’s a few less copies of Twilight being bought brand new and giving her money.

It used to be all Bridget Jones Dairy and Spiceworld videos.

This would be my list:

1. Jordan.
2. Jordan.
3. Jordan.
4. Jordan.
5. Jordan.
6. Jordan.
7. Jordan.
8. Jordan.
9. Jordan.
10. Jordan.

❤ The Guardian


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