Posted by: Ele Quigan | September 25, 2010

‘The Count of Monte Cristo’ Alexandre Dumas

Back on the ‘Big thick book to read on the plane’ stead, I finally managed to finish ‘The Count of Monte Cristo’ on my last holiday. I read it in two halves which made it a big easier to digest – particularly as it’s such a weighty tome I find books like that fairly difficult to read over several nights, it’s much easier to read them in long stints. Plane flights are perfect.

I was surprised at the pace and complexity of it to be honest, considering it was published in the late 1800’s they can be often slower than current styles of writing (or for the want of a better phrase, a bit dry and boring…)

It has everything – Jealousy, deceit, political intrigue – it’s many layered – and occasionally quite confusing following all of the different characters (this could be in part from reading it in to separate halves) and particularly the different aliases played by Edmund Dantes himself.

While I probably wont pick it up again, but definitely entertaining enough to keep me busy across a couple of long flights.


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