Posted by: Ele Quigan | November 11, 2010

‘The Crow Road’ Iain Banks

Novels with different narrators can be annoyingly hard to follow at times, but they add such an interesting style of characterization I actually really enjoy them.

The crow road is written from a few different perspectives, and pulls you along an interesting journey not quite sure if you’re following the right train of thought or who said what…

What I loved about ‘The Crow Road’ was not what was said – but what wasn’t. You’re left to wonder across the different interlinking plot lines trying to link everything together, from the anti-religionist/atheist sub text, to the cryptic notes left by those who’ve passed.

Essentially it’s an epic family drama – with a bit of ‘Whodunit’ thrown in for good measure. It’s modern fiction at its best, fast paced and interesting, quite a bit of raw honesty a bit of a love story and a bit of good honest class structure for further complexity.

One other thing that sticks out in my mind, as it’s Scottish (unsurprisingly, the author is about as Scottish as they come) they drink tons and tons of whisky (or is it whiskey? Wikipedia says Whisky so I’ll go with that). Every chapter there’s a wee dram, or a glass or a toast – I’m not sure if that is what the Author intended, but his family and extended family within the novel come across like a bunch of drunkards!

I was a little frustrated at the end – I wasn’t expecting to be left hanging, and the story did need to be neatly sewn up somehow, but it was just a bit too easy or something…

I’ll probably read it again, and will definitely recommend it as something interesting – probably a good holiday read if you’re looking for something that will keep you interested as you relax on a nice beach somewhere (i.e. not here in cold, dark, wet London…)



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