Posted by: Ele Quigan | January 26, 2011

‘Mirror’ Gregory Maguire

Sometimes a book really strikes you out of the blue as something that is incredibly enjoyable. It almost feels luxurious to hop into bed to spend some time reading an unusual, enjoyable or sometimes just an easy read and interesting story type novel. I’ve already shared my secret love for The Southern Vampire series (True Blood and Sookie Stackhouse fame in case you’re wondering) , and occasionally I love novel that’s quick to read, and not to much of a stressful story (I needed a bit of a break after Norwegian Wood). So picked this up out of my monthly book buy.

It was incredible! Taking the Snow White story, and dropping it into Renaissance Italy – with Lucrezia Borgia becoming the wicked step-mother, and the apple is a part of the tree of life.

Without spoiling the story too much, I was drawn into following how this new Snow white was treated. The dwarves I think are some of the most unusual characters – not being your usual jolly short man (i.e. a miniature ginger comic relief santa – think gimli from the LOTR films) but much more organic than that. Built from stone, they are able to move and transform – which I think made the story so much more well – not realistic, but I guess great to see a completely different take on it.

With the step-mother (well, female who lived in the house) being based on a real person, I was intrigued to find out more about this mysterious woman, and were the family truly known for being poisoners?

Looks like it.

I highly recommend this as a light fluffy read, while it’s dark in places (what true fairytale isn’t? And I don’t mean the disneyfied ones, check out the Brothers’ Grimm version of The Little Mermaid if you’re not sure what I’m talking about…) it’s really enjoyable!


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