Posted by: Ele Quigan | September 29, 2012

The song of Achilles – Madeline Miller

I’m totally a sucker for cheap Amazon discounts for fiction novels.
Particularly those that seem to have won some kind of prize, however as always, I never seem to do the right research into what the prize really is.

Maybe it’s because I secretly tell myself that I could sit on some kind of review board for novels. That I’d be the one making he decision about what books will ultimately massively increase their sell value and make the author squillions… Maybe not squillions…

So this? Honestly? fluffy trash. Inherently readable fluffy trash.

Achilles is an interesting take on the standard Achilles myth, as this time he’s portrayed as gay with Patroclus starting as his friend and becoming his lover throughout the horror of the Trojan war.

It’s cheesy as hell, a super quick read, but filled up some nice time in the sunshine while I had nothing better to do than sit on a yacht all day in the sunshine… So yes, short review, but I don’t really have too much to say on this one.

Oh interesting fact of the day, Troy is in modern day Turkey – of course they haven’t been able to prove the existence of that mythical wooden horse, but of course it becomes a total mecca for stupid tourist photos for anyone who heads there.

Case in point? Turkey tour, June 2012…



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