Posted by: Ele Quigan | October 6, 2012

The Litigators – John Girisham

Another city (Berlin), another airport, another city. I’m ALMOST sick of all the travelling, but really – I’ve had more reading time lately than I’ve had in years so it’s actually been really nice.

So buy 1 get 1 half price, The Litigators. I used to love John Grisham, simliar to my ardent love for Jodi Picoult. I absorbed every single book they released. Staying up til very late consuming every last page. My favourite John Grisham has always been The Pelican Brief. A Lazy greenie (see previous post on Silent Spring) I always felt like whatever was happening in that book, happens in ‘real life’ all the time.

I never take thrillers with a grain of salt – I probably should, I mean this kinda stuff doesn’t really happe right? The Litigators is kinda similar in premise to alllllll of the others. Young male lawyer. either expensively trained or non-expensively trained (in this case, Harvard, so the latter) does good.

‘Does Good’ in this case is quitting his big firm, and going to do almost pro-bono work at a smaller totally dysfunctional one.

Yeah I totally raced through it, like every other one I’ve read. But I think this was my last one to buy new – it felt formulaic. Or something. I can imagine it must get like that when you’re so popular for a single thing (I mean he’s written 25 books. 25. 25. I can’t even get past the first chapter in my barely started attempt).

Thank goodness a dear friend has lent me two new books that I probably would never have picked up myself, looking forward to chewing through those this weekend… And maybe even a branch out into talking about films. and I need to get back into talking about obscure cheap wine…


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