Posted by: Ele Quigan | March 10, 2013

Brancott Estate 2011 Marlborough Pinot Noir

I’m from Marlborough, so by rights I should be more ‘proud’ or stand up and push this region above others when looking at what to drink.  However my problem is that I’ve never realllllly liked our flavour heavy, new world wines.  Bar the odd time I’m craving a proper buttery heavily oaked Chardonnay, I usually skim them for something I feel I’d prefer that has a bit more structure and austerity.

And Pinot Noir has been a funny one with me, I’ve never really truly honestly enjoyed that much of it?  Sacrilege to say so, but I far prefer an Argentinian Malbec or Old World Syrah than a wine that can be known for it’s ‘barnyardiness’…Brancott Estate Pinot Noir

If it’s not apparent already, it was dear husband who decided to bring this home on Friday night.  We were having homemade lamb burgers, my personal preference to the usual Friday takeout/takeaway options.

And it was awful.  My usual rule is never pay less than £10 for a red, as with label/capsule/cork/bottle costs of likely £1 per bottle, plus customs/duty/tax being probably £1.50 – £2.00 – you’re left with a barrel-scraping wine that can occasionally feel like it was spilled on the floor during vintage and vacuumed back up and bottled, and on the shelves for sale in a few short weeks…

It wasn’t tannic, but light and stalky, out of balance, with no real length or flavour.   The only thing I appreciated was the clean acidity – and that’s mostly cause it cut through the fatty burgers.  I made a lemon/mint/coriander/garlic cream fraiche burger sauce that it didn’t seem toooo bad with.

Overall, would not buy again.



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