Posted by: Ele Quigan | March 18, 2013

Wild Boy Santa Barbara County Chardonnay, 2010

Wild Boy 2010 ChardonnayBig, viscous, full mouth-feel, pardon the obvious cliche (I mean have you SEEN the label?) this wine packs a massive punch…

With Sunday dinner of orange chicken, roast vege & broccoli, it stood out – but I think I probably needed something with a little more acidity to balance out the rich, sweetness of orange chicken. And after 4 years (nearly) in the UK you’d think I would be used to sweet potatoes rather than Kumara, but they get me just about every time I have them (which of course means I feel like I’m eating dessert for dinner).

Would I buy again? Yes, but I’d probably pair it with something a little simpler that was more creamy (Risotto, chicken pie).

I keep seeing the Marsanne and Roussane that I always edge towards but never end up getting – might have to try one of those next time. That or the £80 bottle of Stonyridge Larose that’s been tempting me for the last couple of months.


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