Posted by: Ele Quigan | April 20, 2013

Les Vignes d’à Côté 2011 Viognier

ViognierFor some reason cooking seems to really relax me. Maybe it’s the totally absorbing multi-tasking element, or the whole ‘I made this’ feeling at the end, or even the ‘food is love’ ideal that I totally subscribe to – there’s just something inherently therapeutic about slow cooking a Saturday meal.

So today, along the theme of cooking for relaxation, I decided to make risotto. Not your usual choice for essentially the first proper Spring day of the year – the carb-heavy, wonderfully stodgy deliciousness that is risotto, is basically an exercise in stirring for at least an hour. Patience is key, as is delicate flavours. Thanks Jamie Oliver for again the best recipe I’ve been able to find, for Butternut and Pancetta Risotto.

To go with it, I decided to select a slightly more unusual wine, but one of my absolute favourites, Viognier. I can even remember when I first tried it, an often delicate white, with a luscious flavour profile of white flowers (matches my middle name of Jasmine of course!) and gentle, never-bracing acidity – from my favourite old world region, Northern Rhône.

I’m still not quite sure if the meal really matched (maybe I should have got the Gewürz I was considering) but holy moly this is the best Viognier I’ve ever had. It’s not overly perfumed (quite unusual, they can occasionally be quite overpowering before the first sip), the viscosity makes for a wonderfully full mouthfeel, beyond being gentle it’s not quite austere, and has great length. To be honest, I’m pretty floored about how amazing this wine is, only £18, for the first time in ages I want to head back to Bottle Apostle tomorrow and grab a case of it!

So I might just pull aside the rest of the bottle and finish it off myself, delish delish delish.



  1. […] nice from the trusty wine shop. When out looking for a suitable Saturday night risotto wine (see last weeks post) we tried this at an open tasting the sales team was having at the […]

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