Posted by: Ele Quigan | April 27, 2013

Hawkshead Pinot Noir 2010

Hawkshead Pinot Noir 2010Wedding anniversary’s, birthdays, Fridays, any day that ends in Y s basically a reason to go out and treat yourself to something nice from the trusty wine shop. When out looking for a suitable Saturday night risotto wine (see last weeks post) we tried this at an open tasting the sales team was having at the store.

Now usually, I’m totally cynical about NZ Pinot. The recent experience was a horror putting me off for the next wee while, however as Pinot is the other half’s favourite red, I decided to be a good little wife for a change and suggested we get a bottle to have on our actual anniversary (as tonight, being Saturday, we’re going out for our “proper” meal at Pied à Terre in Charlotte St (I cannot contain my excitement!).

So the anniversary meal was a lovely piece of 28 day dry aged sirloin, which we had with sweet potatoes & broccoli – and at my request a smidge of truffle oil on the steak, put on after it had been rested. So a full flavoured meal, centring on the steak,had to have the right wine to go with it.

This interestingly, this was a good match. Colour me surprised! Probably still not quite enough time in bottle to be truly enjoyed, it still held its own. I still found it pretty storky, and a little on the green/acidic side (atypical for NZ pinot I find) but none of that awful H2S, barnyard, shit-smelling disgustingness you get from some oldworld Pinots. (the bloody french love this, I’ve obviously been in the UK enough to find that amusing).

It had okay length, nice mouthfeel – I guess to be honest “Nice” is the best superlative to use (not that nice is even a superlative). It was fine and did its purpose, wasn’t offensive, but again in the next sentence didn’t totally blow me away. But it was just £20 – would probably buy again.

I think it’s time to branch out – it’s been a while since I’ve had a really standout red, a ballsy American Zinfandel (if I can get past the american sweet palate residual sugar), beautiful Syrah, or even something a little different. I’m a creature of habit, so rarely go past the usual favourites.

I’m still looking at the Stonyridge, and the other half just got a new job on Friday so I’m thinking it might be time to buy it and celebrate… Maybe.


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