Posted by: Ele Quigan | May 11, 2013

2002 Chateau Paillas Cahors

Chateau Pillas 20023 years ago I started this blog – with a view to reviewing every book I read, as I used to read a huge amount. Weirdly, I’ve barely read anything since Christmas, finding two incredibly depressing books putting me off picking another one up. For the first time in weeks I have picked another book up, non-fiction I guess so hopefully it will bring that reading joy I used to have, rather than looking at the pile of unread books with a sense of dread knowing that I’d either be reading something terrible/sad/depressing rather than doing something I’d much rather enjoy, like drinking wine…

So other half is away at the moment, which meant for a slightly odd wander around the market this morning, where I selfishly decided that I would buy a couple of bottles of wine to keep me mildy entertained (and hopefully sane) while he’s away. While I feel a little bit like I cheated on my usual wine shop (going to We are noble on broadway market rather than Bottle Apostle in Victoria Park Village. At least it’s not £10 from Tesco’s right?), I’m always surprised by the interesting wines they have here, and as such decided on a couple of interesting ones.

I picked this up for £15 mostly because Malbec is one of my favourite varieties, and it’s been such a long time since I bought something French. (I looked longingly at the Chablis, which in hindsight I probably should have got, but I didn’t want to part with £48 on a single bottle of wine this weekend)

Ballsy, aggressive, how the hell are those tannins still as full with a 2002 wine? How is the colour still so bright and purple and not reduced to an insipid orangeybrown? How are you so goddamn delicious that when I swore I’d only have a couple of glasses I’m feeling it’s highly likely I’m going to finish the bottle (again)?

There’s a little bit of dirty frenchman about it (in a beret, with a moustache), not bloody as hell, but something a little off that I can’t quite place, but it just adds to the complexity without putting me off entirely. I’m currently in the process of making a roast vege salad to have with it, and it’s going gloriously with the oregano coated feta that I’m slowly nibbling at, in fact I’d even say this is nicer than the cheese wine match I had at pied a terre last week (which was an incredible disappointment if I’m being completely honest…)

There’s also a delicious ripe boysenberry-ness to it which I’m hoping isn’t killed by lashings of balsamic within the salad (not that vinegar ever really went with wine anyway)

This is probably the best value wine I’ve had in forever, I probably shouldn’t be surprised that it’s held up so well given its age, I’m so tempted to head back to the shop next week, buy a few bottles and blind taste them with friends. Or just drink them myself cause this wine is that freaking good!


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