Posted by: Ele Quigan | May 25, 2013

Isla Negra Rose & Tayyabs

Isla Negra TayybsI HATE bad Rose. There’s something inherently sweet and sickly about Rose anyways, sometimes insipid, often feminine and girly (much like the warm salads that often go so well with it) it occasionally becomes so saccharine that it just about hurts your teeth.

And this, for £6.99 from our local, is exactly that. Fricking awful. I’ve had it before and swore never to buy it again, so you can imagine the look of disdain I gave my other half when he turned up at the flat with this… However, for a change on a Friday night – rather than a supermarket convenient meal, we decided to pop out – to an East London stalwart – Tayyabs.

I’ve got no idea why we hadn’t been before? I think because we’re both fairly conscious about what we eat, often Indian/Pakistani food feels like such a waste of empty calories (yes I’m back on MyPlate), and there’s nothing worse than the post-meal bloat of a naan, buckloads of fluffy white rice, a creamy rich korma and a few too many bottles of Kingfisher.

But this? An exercise in deliciousness. I will forever dream of those chops – crisp and flavoured, sizzling as they were placed in front of me, torn apart in moments by hands and teeth (yeah I was starving, I don’t do dieting well), till my fingers were stained orange by the tandoori. We ordered the small 4, we should have ordered double.

We also got a naan each, chicken Karahi & Dahl with aubergine. We/I didn’t touch the rice the other half ordered.

So the wine? Did I drink it? With gusto. Washing down the strongly flavoured food I put the wine snob behind me and ignored it (tho in saying that – it wasn’t too bad? It held okay and didn’t collapse into awfulness like can happen with a bad food match).

So all in all an excellent combination. While I wont be getting that same wine again in a hurry, I’m definitely keen to head back to Tayyabs.

Oh and a quick edit – I still can’t believe how INSANELY CHEAP our meal was. £27 for the two of us, no corkage fee. THAT’S CRAZY. I sometimes spend more than half that on my lunch?! I paid more than twice that for 4 cocktails later (Thanks Viajante – I love you but bloody hell £78 on cocktails is a bit steep innit?). Incredible what a good deal Tayyabs is.


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