Posted by: Ele Quigan | July 22, 2013

Girl Gone – Gillian Flynn

Slowly but surely, I’m finishing the last of my ‘printed books I haven’t read’ – this I picked up on the way to Glastonbury Festival. I’d arrived from Malta on no sleep earlier that day, and made a split second (and surprisingly un-prepared, I usually over-project manage everything) decision to see if I could get on a bus to the Festival before my 8:30am Friday bus. Realising after I finished my work emails I had the impending doom of 4 more hours on a bus with nothing to read, I made a quick panic buy at the next station stop. One I read on the way (which I need to do another post about) and this.

I didn’t pick it up until the days/weeks after, and read it in late night snatches before other trips and between nights doing other things.

And why? I kinda hated it.

I mean I wanted to like it, interesting-ish female protagonist, seemingly interesting story, but rather than dragging me in, it just pushed me further out.

Maybe it was the essence of the perfect life gone wrong, (or at least the perfect life as a front to everyone else), maybe it was the overblown and contrived characters, maybe it was the realisation that the all american life is not mine to have (New York loft apartment, you still exist in my soul) but I just felt distanced and annoyed by the story.

The coolest character to me randomly ended up being the quirky sister, who’s story is neither elaborated upon or even really referred to much past the first few chapters, and yet could have made for a far interesting plot angle than sitting at the periphery.

Some people probably loved it (“oh my god, and then the twist?!”), it’s incredibly well rated, but all I can say is YAWN. Maybe I’m just being fiction-cynical again, but I really wasn’t feeling it. The end was just ludicrous (no I’m not going to go into it, spoilers and all), and made no real sense with the rest of the story? It ALMOST felt like in the last couple of chapters the author may have got a bit bored and jumbled everything in together to tie up loose ends. Maybe I was just tired and frustrated at London’s 30deg heat at midnight. I did want to just throw it across the room, at least that might have created some airflow…


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