Posted by: Ele Quigan | November 4, 2013

More than this – Patrick Ness

Okay – So I didn’t really like the last one. Blah blah dead dog, blah blah chase scene.

This start of GREAT. Boy tries to walk into the sea, hits his head and wakes up somewhere else. Glitch in the matrix.

Wakes up in the house he grew up in – 1000’s of miles from where he was last, exhausted and falling asleep – only to almost drown in vivid memories full of life and ghosts of his past.

Some bits are beautifully written. Horror of youth, the feeling when you’ve found something or someone you love, these are delicately approached and talked through in a way that you pretty much can’t put the book down.

But then, as a friend mentioned ‘It just goes a bit Matrix’

Which it sorta does. There’s also an annoying chase character, just like the other one, this time faceless (“The Driver”) that just doesn’t seem to die.

So frustrating as the book I felt just had so much more potential? URGH. I wanted to throw my kindle at the plane window – so thanks Patrick Ness I think 2 was enough…


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