Posted by: Ele Quigan | January 10, 2014

Branching out, this time with music

I’ve been writing this blog a long time – and I’ve considered previously about branching out into more topics, but have hesitated. Who wants to read rants/raves about mindless trash? Well, I want to get more into a habit of writing, it’s good for the soul, so on I go.

Introducing – Tune of the Week.

My life is surrounded by music. Years ago if someone said to me would I rather be deaf or blind, I would always side with deaf, primarily because of my love of reading. Now, I’m not so sure.
Living in London means that gigs, shows, productions are forever close by. Soundcloud & Spotify have completely changed the way I consume music, YouTube is offering a new way to share it (very rarely have I searched for a track and not found it on YouTube. Bizarre but true). Music is a huge part of my day to day life.

Work is primarily spent in my noise cancelling headphones with the internet’s music at my fingertips. I find it much easier to concentrate with music playing, and to be honest, it’s primarily electronic. We’re not TV watchers, music is my go to for company these days.

The first thing we do when we get home from work is put on music. Slightly different to the New Zealand National Radio I grew up with (complete with native bird songs every halfhour in morning before school), my house feels somewhat empty without it.

Travel, work commute, even something as mindless as supermarket shopping is now added to by music. I have two sets of headphones, one decent pair permanently attached to my work laptop, and one (I’m ashamed to admit they are the crappy apple headphones) that travel in my bag – music is with me wherever I go.

Music brings people together. As an electronic fan, sure some of this is spent in dark clubs till all hours, but also I’ve met some amazing and interesting people (and my husband) through a mutual love of music. There’s the lovely couple we met in Berlin on the way to the Radiohead concert, we still keep in contact on Facebook now. There’s my husbands best friend who creates the most awe inspiring mixes and introduces us to new tracks (ever pushing my secret wish to be a DJ).

There’s the DJ’s I’ve known and met through various scenes who seemed to be on an ever changing search for a life changing track. There’s the ex-boyfriend who introduced me to Hip-Hop which I still love (though don’t understand, my white-girl-from-the-farm ignorance at times hilarious, mostly; embarrassing), the workmates who filled an ipod with DubStep & Drum & Bass as a leaving present who would probably laugh now seeing me dance to Trap at a Diplo gig.
There’s a fellow female techno-fan who I met before a gig who ended up being one of my bridesmaids, I’ll never forget the time we took her to a proper East London warehouse party and I managed to fall down the stairs of the double-decker bus we were on. There’s the slightly hilarious conversations across various scenarios where you hear about people’s festival/band/club experiences finding a middle ground in music that can develop into lifelong friendships.

There’s all the friends from home who I know and love through a mutual love of electronic music, that’s moved beyond club openings and closures, large and small venues, famous and emerging DJ’s, forums and friendships that have gone through relationships, loves, losses, weddings and now babies.

Which brings me to now.

So I’m on an everlasting search for new music, and as I’m a “thrasher” (i.e. finds a new tune, plays it 10 times a day till she’s sick of it) I bring to the table Tune of the Week.

This week, it’s from a DJ Koze mix (who played in Auckland over xmas, I’m so incredibly jealous) from Xlr8r – the mix was released December. (here’s the mix, it’s ace! )

Track – “Ran” by Azeda Booth.

Why do I like it? I’m a sucker for those drums. It makes me want to run out into the glorious winter sunshine we’re having in London at the moment and actually exercise (no mean feat for someone as inherently lazy about exercise as me).

Check it out…


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