Posted by: Ele Quigan | January 17, 2014

Tune of the week – Bonobo, Cirrus

I’ve been sick this week, so mostly in bed Monday and working from home Tuesday – has reminded me like I said in my first post, how close music has entwined itself into our lives.

What’s interesting about standard evenings at home, is the usual debate on “what shall we listen to?” It’s a seemingly endless conversation between “I feel like something light, maybe electronic-ish, a bit chilled, background music” that jumps between “Omg you have to hear this” to “jeez did you really think that was dinner appropriate?”

It does mean that we settle on a few old favourites, The XX, random hiphop, downbeat from home (Fat Freddy’s drop, Salmonella Dub, The Black Seeds) albums we’ve discovered and loved (Bombay Bicycle Club – Flaws, Tycho – Dive), the odd bit of Radiohead (and to be honest that’s more my bag) and this.


I can’t even say how much we thrashed the album Black Sands. Played a few times a week, I’m not even sure how we discovered it initially. And this week, as I was looking for something I to play along at home I put on (seemingly, on repeat) his 5th album The North Borders.

Unsurprisingly, my favourite track on the album is Cirrus.

Bright, uplifing, gentle – to me this is the epitome of decent, well structured music to play around the house. I don’t seem to get sick of it, and its familiarity breeds a sense of comfort when I hear it.



  1. This tune always makes me think of Sampha on SBTRKT tunes (one in particular), I want it do a mash up of his vocals with Cirrus. So good, and such a good album.

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