Posted by: Ele Quigan | January 25, 2014

Tune of the Week – Blue Monday

There’s been a bit of coverage in your standard Brit papers this week on the supposedly most depressing working day of the year – Blue Monday.

Sure it’s a bit of pseudo science during what’s usually a slow news time of year, and everyone is a bit cold, grey, miserable. The loveliness of Christmas and hangover of New Year has worn off, work is the same old drudge that you’d let yourself forget for 2 weeks…

It’s not like late summer in NZ, which is nearly my favourite time of year at home (that’s Autumn, but beside the point). I’m finding myself more and more longing for the seemingly never ending summer nights, bbq’s in the backyard, salads made with fresh herbs and veggies from the garden, cold beers, good friends…

So anyway, Blue Monday is obviously a famous track, released in 1983. The thing is, I genuininely think this track has never really dated.

It’s crazy to think I was 2 years old when this track came out, it was my ring tone through my mid-20’s, and through various remixes and releases seems to pop up occasionally in random places. (I’ve just seen the 1988 re-release got to number one in NZ? madness).

It’s got a theme that is instantly recognisable, guaranteed a huge cheer from any club/set/mix where it’s dropped. A good friend of mine dropped it perfectly into a mix a few years ago, guaranteed to put a smile on your face a this time of year…


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