Posted by: Ele Quigan | January 31, 2014

Tune of the week – The Cure Friday I’m in Love

This isn’t my favourite song by The Cure.  Not even close.  But it’s my favourite song today.

Elder brothers are the reason I got into The Cure, otherwise it makes no sense – I mean they had two albums out before I was born, and have been producing music for 4 decades.  I can’t even comprehend that in my 32 year old head.  But I guess having their music around the house sparked an interest, that over the years turned into love and adoration.

I’ve seen them live once, back in NZ, at the terrible (at least for sound) venue Vector Arena.  Ear plugs in, some songs were completely unrecognisable.  The lead singer, no longer the waif-like youth he used to be, threatened to dash those years of teenage angst, replaying some tracks over and over to breakups, depressive episodes, and occasionally just to remember that there was more to whatever feeling I was trying to distance myself from – but it was one of the most amazing gigs I’ve ever been to.

I have two favourite tracks, which I thought were polar opposites but on listening again they really aren’t.

Tape.  It’s one of their shorter songs, famous from their 1992 Show tour – which I think one of my brothers had the video or even CD for.  It segues straight into Open (from Wish), but I dunno – it’s anticipatory, it’s excitement building, there’s a single long sung note that I probably sang to myself open-mouthed in the car to far too many passers by.  It’s also interestingly has the same drums as my next favourite, and also the same drums that got me into Florence + The Machine…  The harmonics at the start are perfect, there’s just enough to suck you in and suddenly the song has built into it’s crescendo flying you through into something else…

The Caterpiller.  How is this song seriously 30 years old?  Fluffy, bright, yep there’s those drums again.  I found this on  Staring At The Sea, their early singles collection.  Radio-friendly (like Friday I’m in Love) I guess this is The Cure at their most approachable.  It’s interesting, not trying to say too much – it’s probably my age but listening today I’m wondering what happened to music like this – but maybe it’s just that I don’t know where to find it any more.

Another concert was announced yesterday – which I was lucky enough to get tickets to – at the Royal Albert Hall.  So today, this week, all weekend – I’ll be re-listening to all my favourites, albums back to back, reliving those years of mis-spent youth, remember tears and high school regrets, reminiscing for years gone by, ‘Letters to El(ou)ise’ on repeat and wondering if I’ve really left all that behind.  



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