Top 5

Reasons I love London
Broadway Market – one of the main reasons I want to always stay living in East London
Gigs and Gigs and Shows and Plays and Gigs and Gigs and Gigs and Gigs and Gigs
I can pick up Tattinger occasionally at 2 bottles for less than £45 duty free…
The world is on my doorstep
You never know what live/the weekend/work/the world might just turn around and deliver

Tattinger Champagne
Kumeu River Mate’s Chardonnay
Syrah (several)
Cheap £9.95 Rose thats perfect for mid-week drinking

Beers (yes sounds odd but I really like my beers!
Brooklyn Lager
Adnams Ghost Ship (4.5% deliciousness)
Steinlager Pure
Whatever ale is on tap that’s sub 5% (I’ve become a proper ale drinker, that makes me a true brit right? Surely that means the passport is in the mail…)

‘The Lacuna’ Barbara Kingsolver
‘High fidelity’ Nick Hornby (recognise top 5 from anywhere?)
‘Watership down’ Richard Adams
‘Dune’ Frank Herbert
‘The Book Thief’ Markus Zusak

The incredible temples at Angkor Wat
Yosemite Valley in California
Kotor and Lovcen National Park in Montenegro

Things to do…
Read. and read and read and read
Play Roller Derby (yes really)
Buy vintage jewellery all over the world
Drink Tattinger

Just your average joe bloggs hobbies right? Oh and I have a part finished dollhouse that I’m trying to put together…

Pet Hates
Chewing sounds (I’m looking at you ddqq)
People who litter
Sniffing/spitting (they are just as gross as each other so they are kinda in the same boat really)
Loud keyboards (clackclackclackclackclackclack)
People who slurp their hot drinks.

Ways to spend a Sunday afternoon
Sitting in the summer sunshine beside the canals in London, toes in the water, chatting with friends
Late brunching
Watching a fantastic movie
A leisurely cycle
Turning up to a random outdoor afternoon techno party, and blagging your way in

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